What are the Requirements to Qualify for Disability Insurance?

Sometimes, stuff happens that affects the rest of your life or at least the ability to work and earn income. If you can’t work, you lose out on potential income, making it harder to pay bills and make a living. If you are unable to work due to a disability from injury or illness, you might be able to qualify for disability insurance. What exactly is disability insurance, and how can you qualify?

What is disability insurance?

Disability insurance covers a percentage of the income you were making before you ended up with your disability, which affected your ability to work your job. There are a few different types of disability insurance, some of which have certain requirements depending on your insurance policy.

Different types of disability insurance include long-term disability, short-term disability, social security disability, and state disability insurance.

Long-term disability insurance covers you for long-term disabilities that could last several months or years. If you qualify for long-term disability, it can cover up to 60-80 percent of your income, depending on the company you go through.

Short-term disability covers you for injuries that stop you from doing your regular job for a shorter, more temporary amount of time than long-term disability insurance. Employers often offer short-term disability coverage.

Social security disability insurance is what most people can get through the social security program. There are some set requirements for most states for social security disability.

The state usually offers state disability insurance and has specific requirements that you must meet.

How to qualify for disability insurance?

Social security and state disability insurance have requirements you must meet before qualifying.

Social security disability insurance requirements

  • Jobs that you have worked in have to be covered by social security.
  • You must have been working recently enough and long enough.
  • Your medical condition must meet a specific definition of disability.
  • Your disability has made you unable to work for longer than a year.
  • Your disability must be severe enough to prevent you from doing basic activities.

State disability insurance requirements

  • You have to live and work in one of 5 states: Hawaii, California, New York, Rhode Island, and New Jersey.
  • Employers are required in these states to offer disability coverage.

Other companies have different requirements depending on the policy and agency you are going through.

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