Does It Ever Flood In Arizona?

When you call Alliance Insurance Partners for a policy on your Scottsdale, AZ home, you may be surprised when they mention flood insurance. So that brings up an important question: does it ever flood in Arizona? Well, you’d be surprised.

A History of Floods

In 2017, severe flash flooding hit Cold Springs, leaving some of the people affected dealing with hypothermia. The flash floods also hit Mayer, AZ, a very dry desert city, bringing walls of mud and water to the town.

Does Arizona experience flooding at the same rate as say, Florida? Not exactly, but that’s part of the danger. We’re not as prepared, we don’t know how serious flooding can be, and we’re not expecting floods, even though there is a very real threat that it could happen. The science behind flooding and monsoon rains can be complicated, safe to say that the hot air of Arizona doesn’t help. When the conditions are just right and a cold front clashes with our warmer climate, it can unleash devastating storms.

So what if a flood never hits your home? Well sure, that’s not entirely unlikely. But insurance isn’t for the problems that you know you’re going to face; insurance is for the what-if’s, the maybe’s, and the possibles. Insurance is to protect us against disasters and accidents that may not be incredibly common, but that are not entirely impossible. This is why you need to call Alliance Insurance Partners and make sure that you’re covered against anything that might happen, and yes, that includes floods in even the driest desert towns. Even safe drivers carry auto insurance, and even Arizonans need to be prepared for a flood.