What if a Motorcycle Accident Was Not Your Fault?

Motorcycle riders in Scottsdale, AZ are required by law to obtain motorcycle insurance with a minimum of $25,000 for medical expenses per individual, $50,000 per wreck, and $15,000 in property damage. Full coverage is not mandated but can be enforced by your lender. Arizona is an at-fault state, so when you are in a wreck that someone else causes, it is up to their carrier to provide for your expenses.

What if a Motorcycle Accident Was Not Your Fault?

Arizona drivers operate under a legal principle called comparative negligence, and this relates to the task of determining who is at fault for the collision. The at-fault person is responsible for damages, but sometimes this liability is divided. It means that a plaintiff may share negligence with the other party. 

For example, if you are determined to be 70% negligent, you are entitled to 30% of the costs from the driver who bears that corresponding percentage of the blame. Certain factors make it easier to determine fault, such as if the other driver was intoxicated, ran a red light or stop sign, or was speeding excessively. 

Feel free to discuss the particulars with your Alliance Insurance Partners representative, such as whether a lack of protective gear will determine the financial outcome. For those under 18, helmets are required, and failure to comply can render the other driver faultless for injuries sustained in this manner. 

A common experience with motorcycle riders is being forced off the road by someone in a car, and this type of accident is referred to as a phantom vehicle wreck. This falls under uninsured motorist insurance, since you cannot collect from the driver, and is a type of protection you may want to consider. 

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