Disability Insurance FAQs

At Alliance Insurance Partners, we usually receive numerous queries about disability insurance from our Scottsdale, AZ clients. Today, we have prepared a FAQs section to shed more light on this coverage. Please scroll through to learn more about disability insurance. And if your question isn’t captured, please don’t hesitate to contact our office for clarification.

What is disability insurance?

It’s coverage that protects you when you can’t earn an income due to injury or illness. It’s designed to cover your income when you can’t make a living due to an illness or sickness. This coverage is crucial because you are more likely to become disabled than die when working!

When am I considered disabled?

The definition of disability may differ depending on the plan you are registered for. Some policies define disability as the inability to earn an income due to illness and injury. Others define disability as the inability to perform your duties given your experience, training, and education.

When do the benefits start?

After you are deemed disabled, benefits start trickling in after the waiting period has lapsed. Typical long-term disability plans have a waiting period of between 90 and 180 days, but for the group plan, the employer chooses the waiting period.

What are the different disability insurance plans?
Disability insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all insurance plan. There are several types of disability plans. These include

  • Individual disability plans
  • Group disability policies provided by employers
  • Short-term disability plans for a period of 24 months and below
  • Long-term disability policies that take effect up to age 65

Above is just a snapshot of frequently asked questions about disability insurance. If you have more questions, please get in touch with a knowledgeable insurance agent.

How can I purchase disability insurance?

If you are in Scottsdale, AZ and its environs, you don’t have to sweat it out looking for disability insurance. Please contact Alliance Insurance Partners to learn more about disability insurance. We also provide different disability policies to cater to your individual needs.