How Home Insurance Protects Your Belongings

Breaking Down Home Insurance: Comprehensive Coverage Explained

A home insurance policy serves as a protective financial umbrella, offering diverse coverage forms. Often, there is a misconception that home insurance exists purely for damage incidences concerning the home itself. While integral, property damage coverage isn’t the sole form of protection, as policies also include liability protection and personal belongings coverage. Understanding these components is just as vital as knowing about dwelling coverage. If you’re seeking home insurance, reach out to us at Alliance Insurance Partners in Scottsdale, AZ.

Coverage For Personal Belongings

For most homeowners, the home constitutes the largest investment, but the contents within the home closely follow. The cumulative expense of the items contained within a single room showcases how quickly these costs escalate. Accidents and disasters can potentially devastate your belongings, making the protection offered by home insurance invaluable due to these associated costs.

Covering Replacement Costs

In case of damaging incidents that result in the loss, destruction, or damage of personal belongings, your home policy can reimburse the value of lost items, enabling their replacement purchase. Therefore, maintaining sufficient coverage for your belongings is paramount, ensuring a full replacement is financially feasible should it become necessary. No one can predict when serious damaging incidents will occur.

Safeguard Your Home with Insurance

If you require home insurance, don’t hesitate to contact us at Alliance Insurance Partners in Scottsdale, AZ.

Preparing your home for an emergency

Emergencies come in many forms. The emergencies you face in Arizona are not necessarily the same as those faced by someone in New England or even California. At Alliance Insurance Partners in Scottsdale, AZ, we know our customers and insurance. We will ensure you are prepared no matter what you face. 

In Scottsdale, AZ, some of the emergencies you may face are dust storms, wildfires, and monsoon storms. 


The first thing you can do to prepare your home to defend against wildfire is to ensure you have created a space around your home to defend it against fire. Choose your landscaping carefully to include things that won’t add fuel to the fire and keep piles of wood away from your home. Have a bag packed to make a fast getaway, and have your essential papers in a fireproof box you can grab and take. 

Dust Storms

It is not unusual to have several dust storms in a desert landscape every year. Make sure your outdoor furniture is secured, close all your doors and windows, and make sure your shades or blinds are closed. Turn off the air conditioning until the storm has passed if you can. 

Monsoon Storms

When thunderstorms are coming, unplug your expensive electronics. If it isn’t too hot, turn off the AC and ensure you don’t have tree branches that overhang your home. Avoid using plumbing while lightning is happening. 

For any emergency, ensure you have bottled water on hand and food that doesn’t require cooking. 

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Insurance protection basics for Scottsdale homeowners

Alliance Insurance Partners is here to help the residents of the greater Scottsdale, AZ area protect their homes. If you want to learn more about how a comprehensive homeowner’s policy can help keep your home safe, call us today.

Know the basics about homeowner’s insurance

Protecting your home from catastrophe is an integral part of being a responsible homeowner. If you are concerned that you may not have the right policy protecting your home, now is the time to make changes. As time goes on, your insurance needs will change. Changes and improvements will be made to your home, market home values will fluctuate, and you may make additional purchases that require a higher level of protection.

One of the critical considerations is if your primary home insurance policy is sufficient. Several different common policy exclusions can affect the protection of your home. You may need to consider adding supplemental policies to your overall insurance portfolio to get the complete coverage you desire.

Making sure that your home is protected does not need to be complicated. And, if you work together with a local agent, it is even easier. Once you know your coverage needs, finding the most appropriate home insurance policy is less stressful. Let us help you ensure that you have the right policy for your needs.

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Homeowners in the greater Scottsdale, AZ area can rely on Alliance Insurance Partners for home insurance. We provide a full range of insurance products and are here to help our community. If you have questions about home insurance, we are here to help. Give us a call or stop by our office today.

Review your home policy to ensure you have the right coverage

Alliance Insurance Partners is here for the greater Scottsdale, AZ area. If you have questions about insurance, we have answers. There are several different ways that insurance can help you protect your home, and we are here to help you find the right solution for your needs. Give us a call today.

Is it time to review your home policy?

Taking the time to review your home policy at least once a year can help you avoid any coverage gaps. It can often be too easy to keep renewing the same coverage time after time without looking closely at the policy. If it’s time for you to review your policy, make sure to take the time necessary to double-check that it provides the coverage that you need.

Your home’s value will likely change over time, and you may need to alter your coverage amount if the change is significant. And, if you’ve done any improvement work on your home, you will want to make sure that you increase your policy amount accordingly.

There are many different ways your insurance needs can change, and not all of them are straightforward. If you’ve had the same coverage for a while, it may be time to sit down with an agent for a comprehensive review. This can ensure that you have the right protection!

Have questions about home insurance? We can help!

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Key Items Covered Under Home Insurance

Having home insurance in Scottsdale, AZ guarantees that you are shielded from property damage and expenses arising from liability claims no matter what happens. But that is not to say that this policy comes with unlimited coverage. Alliance Insurance Partners highlights the critical items covered under home insurance and what to expect from your policy.

Damage to Your House

When your house gets damaged due to incidences such as vandalism, fires, or other covered disasters, home insurance will take care of the costs of repairs and rebuilds. This includes any destruction that happens to the interior and exterior of your main house. In addition to this, personal items such as clothing, appliances, and furniture are also covered. However, high-priced items will fall out of this coverage feature and will require you to get a more customized policy for full protection.

Additional Living Expenses

If your house’s damage renders your premises uninhabitable, you will likely need a rental house while your home is being fixed. This comes with costs related to accommodation and restaurant meals which can slowly accrue based on your stay. Home insurance provides coverage in these situations, ensuring that all additional living expenses are taken care of.

Personal Liability

Lawsuits can happen for several reasons, with the most common being a personal injury to other parties or property destruction. When this happens, you need coverage that will take care of any impending medical costs along with expenses concerning the replacement or repair of the damaged property. Home insurance comes in handy here, protecting you and your dependants from liability claims that occur at your premises or another party’s property. Keep in mind, however, that costs arising from intentional harm are not covered.

Alliance Insurance Partners offers advice on suitable coverage options for Scottsdale, AZ residents. Give us a call today to get started on your home insurance journey.

Does Home Insurance Cover Dust Storm Damage?

If you’ve lived in the Scottsdale, AZ area for a while, or you’re familiar with life in other areas of the desert Southwest, you’ve probably encountered a dust storm before. These can be surprisingly destructive depending on their size, wind strength, and other factors. But are they covered by your home insurance? In most cases, they are. If you’re not sure about the coverage you have on your policy, or you’re new to the area and need insurance for your home, Alliance Insurance Partners can help you get the quality insurance coverage you’re looking for on your Arizona home. Then you won’t have to worry about dust storms and other types of problems, so you can enjoy everything the state has to offer.

Unlike floods or hurricanes, which typically require separate policies or riders on the main home policy, dust storms are generally covered under most home policies in Arizona. Of course, there can be some exceptions. That’s why it’s so important to work with a dedicated and knowledgeable agent to make sure you’re getting the policy you need and the type and level of coverage you expect. It’s important to make sure your coverage is right, in case you need it at a later date. Because dust storms are possible all throughout the state, a policy covering them can help add to your security.

At Alliance Insurance Partners, we can help you and all our Scottsdale, AZ area customers find the home insurance policy they need to have peace of mind when it comes to dust storms and other acts of nature. You don’t have to settle for a potentially sub-par policy that might not cover your home adequately. Reach out to us today, and we’ll find a policy that’s going to give you the protection you’re looking for, including coverage for dust storms.

What Commercial Insurance Do You Need for a Home Business?

If you have a home-based business in Scottsdale, AZ, it’s still important to have commercial insurance. The coverage you will need for your home business will depend on your industry or your business. An agent at Alliance Insurance Partners can help you find the right coverage.

Business Property Insurance: If you have the equipment to run your home-based business, such as a computer, printer, furniture, or fax machine, business property insurance can insure against loss or damage to property. Your homeowner’s insurance typically won’t cover your business equipment losses.

Liability Insurance: If you have a client come to your location for business, then you need liability insurance. It will protect your business and you from being liable for damages that are caused by another person or property. Your home insurance policy won’t cover claims made from visitor business. If someone making a business delivery slips and falls, then you will need liability insurance instead of homeowners insurance.

Professional Liability: Just like professionals working outside of their home, professionals working within in their home also need this insurance. If you are a consultant, then professional liability can protect you against failure to deliver claims or potential negligence claims made by clients.

Product Liability Coverage: If your business supplies or makes a product, then you need product liability coverage, which will protect your business from damages or injuries caused by a product you supplied or manufactured.

Commercial Auto Coverage: If you make or pick up deliveries or use a vehicle for business, then your personal auto policy won’t cover accidents when related to these business uses.  

Other Coverage: Depending on your business, you may also need other coverage, such as commercial crime insurance, to protect against losses from fraud or other crimes.

Contact Alliance Insurance Partners, serving Scottsdale, AZ, to get a quote on commercial insurance. 

Unexpected Coverage Options You Might Want to Consider for Your Home Insurance

Most home insurance policies cover standard things like fires, break-ins, and falling trees. But there are some unexpected coverage options that you might want to consider as well —  most of which depend on where you live and how you live your life.

1. Volcanoes and earthquakes

Unless and you live in Hawaii, you probably don’t have to worry about volcanoes but remember that earthquake coverage is not covered under most traditional home insurance policies.

2. Identity theft

With increases in cybercrime around the globe, identity theft is becoming more common than ever, and it’s a good idea to make sure that you are covered. Identity theft can lead to loss of wages, a faulty credit report, huge loss of finances, a criminal record that is not actually yours, and huge legal fees and time spent dealing with the problem.

3. Dog Bites

If you have a dog, be cognizant that — depending on their size and breed — they may be able to do serious damage to someone in the event of an attack or scuffle. If this is the case, medical bills may go into the thousands, and you will want to make sure that you have coverage to take care of this.

4. Other coverage options

  • Home upgrades required by law
  • Spoiled food
  • Your kid’s things while they are at college
  • Flooding, in certain situations
  • Tombstones
  • Gazebos, patios, and sheds
  • Riots

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