Motorcycle Insurance, Required in Many States and Important for All Bikers

There is nothing like hitting the open road on a motorcycle. The wind, the sunshine, all giving you an experience like none other. Like all assets you own, you want to protect them. Motorcycle insurance is the layer of protection you need, and understanding the basics of the policies is pivotal. Whether you are someone who rides a motorcycle on occasion or as your primary form of transportation, motorcycle insurance is a necessary purchase to protect the bike and yourself on the road. Our team at Alliance Insurance Partners in Scottsdale, AZ is ready to help walk you through everything your motorcycle policy should cover.

States Require It

The vast majority of states will require anyone on a motorcycle to have basic liability insurance. The liability insurance is going to cover you if you cause injuries to someone else, or to someone else’s property. The minimum requirement in most states is for motorcycle insurance to include this type of protection.

Additional Requirements

Additional requirements may also exist if you do not own the bike outright. If you are leasing the motorcycle or if you have it financed through a company, you may also be required to purchase coverage to protect you and the bike further.  

Added Coverage

It is always best to go beyond the essential liability protection when talking about motorcycle insurance. Collision coverage is one option that you are likely going to want to consider. The collision coverage will pay in the event that you have damage to your bike from an accident. Comprehensive coverage, as well, will protect it if there is theft or vandalism to the bike.

Individual coverages will also exist and our team at Alliance Insurance Partners in Scottsdale, AZ can walk you through all of the options. Motorcycle insurance is essential and even required in many states. Have an awareness of the basics of the policies to help determine what will meet your needs whether you live in Arizona or one of the many other states we serve. Reach out to our offices for a quote and more information.