Protect your retail store from slip and fall lawsuits with an umbrella policy

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How umbrella policies can help to protect your retail store from slip and fall lawsuits

No one wants to deal with frivolous lawsuits, especially those of the slip and fall variety. Retail shop owners or public-facing businesses can typically benefit from the liability protection provided by umbrella insurance policies. 

Liability coverage provided by primary commercial policies is typically finite; once a policy’s coverage limit is reached, any losses become the policyholder’s responsibility. Fortunately, when an umbrella policy is in place, it will become active once a primary policy has reached its coverage limit.

Because slips and falls can be frequent, it only makes sense to have additional liability protection in place for your business. This additional coverage can protect from liability damages that exceed a business’s primary policy limits. If you don’t currently have umbrella protection in place, now is an excellent time to find out more about this type of commercial policy. Maintaining a successful business takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and it only makes sense to protect those efforts.

Protect your retail store with an umbrella policy

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