Review your home policy to ensure you have the right coverage

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Is it time to review your home policy?

Taking the time to review your home policy at least once a year can help you avoid any coverage gaps. It can often be too easy to keep renewing the same coverage time after time without looking closely at the policy. If it’s time for you to review your policy, make sure to take the time necessary to double-check that it provides the coverage that you need.

Your home’s value will likely change over time, and you may need to alter your coverage amount if the change is significant. And, if you’ve done any improvement work on your home, you will want to make sure that you increase your policy amount accordingly.

There are many different ways your insurance needs can change, and not all of them are straightforward. If you’ve had the same coverage for a while, it may be time to sit down with an agent for a comprehensive review. This can ensure that you have the right protection!

Have questions about home insurance? We can help!

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