Should a Newly Married Couple Combine Auto Policies?

At Alliance Insurance Partners, we serve Scottsdale, AZ, residents with auto insurance policies that keep it legally on Arizona roads. In today’s blog, we want to address the conventional wisdom of combining auto insurance policies when you marry.  

Combining Policies: Yes or No 

So, should you combine auto policies when you marry? If both spouses have good driving records, the answer is yes. They will typically reduce their premiums while providing the same great coverage. 

When it does not work, one or both of the spouses have a DUI, DWI, or lost points on their licenses. This situation causes the premiums to increase. Even if only one spouse has a DUI, it will drive up the premiums.

Why Does Marriage Lower Premiums? 

Married couples take fewer risks, a fact born out statistically through decades of actuarial research. Their lower risk means less of a chance that either will incur an accident. Because a married couple results in fewer claims, their premiums decrease. Those reckless drivers who marry, though, do not lower their risk enough until they recover the points on their license. 

Contact Us Today for an Auto Insurance Review 

At Alliance Insurance Partners, we want you to remain safe on the roads of Scottsdale, AZ. Although auto insurance cannot prevent auto accidents, it can pay for the damage caused by them and for medical bills you incur due to an accident. Call or email us today for a policy consultation. Let us help you decide whether you need liability coverage only or a full coverage policy that provides comprehensive, collision, and roadside assistance on top of the state-mandated liability coverage.