How Does Your Teen Driver Affect Auto Insurance?

Your Scottsdale, AZ teen needs to be insured and, unfortunately, having a teen driver is likely to raise your rates. The reasons why teen drivers are more expensive to insure is because new drivers are dangerous on the roads. As a group, teen drivers have more tickets and accidents than the average driver.

While a teen driver can have his or her own policy, it’s often cheaper to add them to an existing policy. The premiums are often based on the driving record of the policyholder. A teen driver won’t have a good driving record established, so adding the teen to an existing policy will help with that.

The type of car your teen will drive will also affect auto insurance levels. Premiums are based on the type of car as well. You are better off having your teen drive a car that costs less to insure, such as a four-door sedan or a crossover SUV, instead of a car with a much bigger and faster engine. You also want to keep in mind the various safety features that can benefit your insurance. There may be other discounts available, such as a good student discount for those that have a “B” average or better. Contact your agent and discuss these issues to find out more.

If your teen is not living with you and away for school, talk to an agent about a different rate if they aren’t going to be driving the car on a regular basis and just driving during breaks.

With a teen driver, you may want to consider an umbrella policy in order to have more coverage if your teen gets into an auto accident and you get sued. An agent at Alliance Insurance Partners can help you decide the right amount of coverage for your needs.

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