Storing Your Motorcycle for Winter? How to Reduce Insurance Costs

Living in a state with four seasons can make it difficult to enjoy motorcycle riding year-round. If you’re planning to store your bike for the winter, adjusting your coverage could help you save money on insurance costs. Here are a few ideas from Alliance Insurance Partners in Scottsdale, AZ on how you can lower your motorcycle insurance premium during the off-season.

 “Lay-Up" or Motorcycle Storage Insurance

Rather than going through the trouble of canceling your motorcycle insurance and renewing it again in the spring, you can obtain lay-up or motorcycle storage insurance for the winter months. This insurance offers comprehensive coverage to protect your bike against risks like theft, fire, storm damage, etc. while it’s in storage. 

As there’s no risk of collision in storage, you can drop collision coverage during winter months. If there’s the off chance you may ride your bike a few times during winter due to warm weather, you can retain minimum liability coverage, as required by Arizona law. Eliminating collision coverage and reducing liability can still save you money on insurance costs.

Increase Deductible

Another option for lowering insurance costs during winter is to increase the deductible on your lay-up policy. The higher your deductible, the less you pay in premium costs. Before raising your deductible, you should make sure you have the funds to cover the cost of damage in the event of a fire or other disaster. By storing your bike in a safe, secure location during winter, you reduce the risk of theft or damage, making this option a practical one for lowering insurance costs. 

To learn more about off-season motorcycle insurance coverage and the protection it provides, talk to an agent from Alliance Insurance Partners in Scottsdale, AZ. We’re here to meet all your motorcycle insurance needs.