Can You Purchase Disability Insurance If You Have A Preexisting Condition?

There have been significant changes in health care or medical insurance as related to pre-existing conditions. The agents of Alliance Insurance Partners in Scottsdale, AZ, will provide you with the latest information and guide you through the process of obtaining medical insurance.

The insurance company has complete control over the coverage, and if the person wanted a better health care policy, then they could merely seek another offer from another company. However, with the election of President Obama, the Affordable Care Act was passed creating a public/private health insurance system. One of the most popular provisions of Obamacare was a pre-existing condition clause that favored the consumer.   

Historically, an insurance company can deny health care insurance to a person who had a pre-existing medical condition unless that was a significant increase in premium which would be considered a surcharge. Insurance companies varied in their surcharges for the same pre-existing condition. If the company decided that you had a pre-existing condition, your policy would be limited by a medical exclusion rider. However, there is or maybe was a short-term disability policy that does not exclude pre-existing conditions which are referred to as a "Guaranteed Issue" disability insurance.

With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, Insurance company’s were not permitted to exclude pre-existing conditions from their health insurance policies. The 2016 election of Donald Trump has brought on significant uncertainty as to whether President Trump’s health care policy dramatically limited Insurance companies from excluding pre-existing condition. President Trump has stated that Obamacare’s pre-existing policy has not been changed.

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