Do I have to have condo insurance if the condo board carries a policy?

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You need your own condo insurance policy.

While it is true that your condo board will have an insurance policy in place, it is doubtful that the policy will provide individual unit owners with any protection.

The insurance policy that your board or COA carries will cover things like the overall structure, common areas, major equipment like the air conditioner fans on the roof, and liability protection.

These policies will not provide any protection if an incident or damage should occur in your unit. This is why it is required for unit owners to carry out their own policies. And, if you financed the purchase of your condo unit, your lender will likely have a required level of insurance coverage that must be in place.

You will want your own protection regarding liability and damage and loss protection. Unit owners are responsible for any loss that may occur in their units, and the building policy will not cover related expenses.

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